Inner Child

V&A Museum of Childhood

Today’s ST Youthink  (Pg D8) carried a short piece by Vanessa Jalleh, Learning from my inner child. She wrote about the school-work transition. I love her closing thoughts,

“I look back at the earliest changes in my life, when I adapted easily, through all the times my family moved from one place to another. I think that maybe, as I become more of an adult, it is the child in me that I need to learn from.”

Hear, hear!

What is it about growing up (and older) that causes our inner child to shut up in all senses of the word? I know a few people who successfully nurture their inner child, and it shows in an unusual vibrancy and hopefulness with which they go about their lives. They retain a curiosity where you might otherwise have cynicism; a learningful posture rather than a holier-than-thou, smartest-person-in-the-room stance; and emotive empathy rather than stoic acceptance. I admire them; they are living reminders that I must not neglect my inner child.

In Contrast Redux


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