Names of drinks

Me and BHSCS (白花蛇草水) have a funny relationship. It’s not the best-tasting thing in the world, but it is the first thing I run to when I feel like i’m anywhere near a nosebleed. I didn’t use to drink it – thought it was somewhat old-fashioned. And with a name like Sparkling Oldenlandia Water… but yah, never judge by cover or names. I started stocking up when we went through The Big Move. To cool down tempers.

We never seem to get its name right though. Usually end up calling it 白花青蛇水 (White Flower Green Snake Water), which cracks us up. It was worse last night – it became 青花白蛇水 (Green Flower White Snake Water). Sheesh, the neighbours are going to start wondering if we’re into witchcraft or something…

But really. Why BHSCS? I’d like to meet the fella who did the branding. It’s informative – that I cannot deny. But it’s such a mouthful!

Drinks of a different kind. Funny email thread today. KOP Club – KOPI Club – KOPI-C. Bunch of cool peeps. Just the kind of babble that helps to perk up a day. No messups there. Coz messiness is the name of the game!



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