Rhythm & Rhyme

Ghim Moh Market’s fruit and vegetable prices move like stocks. Finance Minister and Granite Man were picking mangosteens this morning – when they began, the fruit was going for $1.50/kg. By the time they finished and it was time to pay, it had gone down to $1.00/kg.

“Morale of the story? Take your time – it could work out better.”

The beauty of a well-chosen rhythm. It is hard to keep in step, especially if the wiser rhythm is slower and more mysterious than your own. The waiting and wondering can leave you breathless, restless, anxious, bewildered, complacent… But if you’re following right, it will work out better.


*     *     *

I could feel that gentleman watching me from a distance. When i’d finished my meal, he came over.

“Are you a follower of Christ?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Good, very good. I am Jewish, and I believe in Jesus Christ … Good, good. Follow Christ, and He will walk with you.”

A reminder that I needed. God sent it.

Picked up Henri Nouwen’s Sabbatical Journey and continued. The last time I read it was during the early March retreat. The more I read, the more I’m amazed by the parallels – down to details like having a 13-day transition period before “officially” beginning the year out! It’s almost freaky. For this reason, I will myself to not read the book too quickly. I read, and if the rest of the day’s rhythm takes me away from it, so be it. At the right time, get back into it  – and the timing is always perfect.

Read the first couple of pages again today, just to recap. Loved how Henri expressed a question that I chew on very often:

“This is the first day of my sabbatical. I am excited and anxious, hopeful and fearful, tired, and full of desire to do a thousand things. The coming year stretches out in front of me as a long, open field full flowers and full of weeds. How will I cross that field? What will I have learned when I finally reach the other end?”

*     *     *


So Finance Minister and Granite Man came back from GMFVX (Ghim Moh Fruit & Vegetable Exchange) today with enough celery to feed 357.4 hard-core dieters. ‘Google is your friend’, so we search for recipes on what to do with it. I haven’t found any that I really like, but I found a delightful children’s rhyming book – Pass the Celery, Ellery! E.g.

Pass the abalone, Tony

Pass the linguini, Teeny

Pass the ratatouille, Louis

Pass the water, daughter

Pass the gum, chum


Dinner conversations would be so funny if we all spoke like that!





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