Content Curation

Came across this short article by Rohit Bhargava – the word ‘curation’ caught my eye. He suggested a 5-category classification for content curation. I scrolled down to the comments on the post, and realised his post had been translated into Mandarin and French too! Interesting.

Made a graphic out of Rohit’s article. The pic below was drawn on A5 drawing block paper, sketched in using a Uni-ball signo 0.28mm + Pilot G-2 0.7mm + M&G EnGel 0.5mm + M&G 1.0mm. Hues – Faber-Castell Jumbo Magic Pens (a random grab from messy stash at home). Half of it done on a moving bus, because that’s when the idea hit me.

Wanted to use the metaphor of a museum, since ‘curation’ came from the world of art. The easiest way was to frame icons representing each of the models, and place a label under each of them. When I’d finished the graphic, I realised with dismay that should the article/classification be refined/expanded in future, I would not have space to augment the graphic.

Or would I?

I suppose it wouldn’t be too difficult to add more picture frames to the left and right of the original graphic should there be new categories in the classification. In that case, the graphic could be folded up, like a real museum brochure!

Hmm. If I included more info about each of the categories, I could add paper all around the original graphic, with the details of each category in the perimeter. Then it would be picture frames in a picture frame – the category details being the ‘frame’ for the original graphic!

And… if I redrew the whole thing, I could also lay out the categories as if each of them were a ‘special exhibition’ in the Museum of Content Curation. Then the graphic would take the form of a ‘museum floorplan’ 🙂


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