Recipe 8: Don’t-Waste Salad

I think: leftovers + laziness = necessary creativity.

Sweetie had half a head of purple cabbage that she didn’t want anymore, so it found its way into our fridge (don’t waste…). Finance Minister took a quarter, and since I was lazy, I let her shred the other quarter for me as well.

Had to figure out what to do with it today. (Almost did a miso soup, but it involved turning on the stove, and I was lazy…) Grabbed a tomato and can of NTUC Fairprice tuna that was lying around. Thank goodness the can was of the pull-tab type, else I might have done away with it, since I was feeling so lazy… Slurped up the seeds and gel of the sliced tomato (don’t waste…). Drained oil from the tuna, then realised I could have kept it. Noticed a small bag of pre-toasted sesame seeds, so used it too (don’t waste…).

Voila! Light lunch salad. Enough crispness and saltiness to keep me afloat in a sea of sketches. And easy to eat. Good, since I was feeling just so lazy…

[Had a few other things lying around that I could have tried using – a yuzu sauce/jam; carrots; Japanese cucumber; wafu dressing; mayonnaise; yellow mustard powder; diced black olives (I really like olives); maple vinegar… but the evoo + b vinegar combi works for me all the time. Adding some ginger juice might have been interesting. Then again, I wouldn’t have made it since I was lazy…]


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