I realise God loves surprising us. Not necessarily with presents, but often by how He orchestrates events, circumstances and provision.

Couldn’t understand at first why I just didn’t put much thought into planning the June portion of this Ottawa trip. Now I do – because God had other things in mind! Pieces have fallen in place, pretty much by themselves after I’ve been surprised by new, timely bits of info here and there from disparate sources. I wouldn’t have planned it this way myself, but the more I look at it now, the better it seems 🙂 I’m glad.


Terry has been a faithful friend. If there’s any friendship built on serendipity, it’s ours. We met very randomly on my 3rd day in Ottawa in 2008. It was lunchtime, and we happened to sit on opposite ends of the same bench under a tree, appreciating al fresco jazz by 6 silver-haired gentlemen. She spoke to me first, and the rest is history.

We had so much to say today over morning coffee, even though we’ve been writing each other long and regular emails the past 3 years. Many, many stories of grace and love. Especially about love.

(With The Martins in 2008)


Paula is such a laugh – as she’s always been. She was waiting at one end of 65 Guigues, I at the other. When we finally spotted each other, you could see her grin from ear to ear and hear her roar of laughter… Over lunch at the Cafeteria des Beaux-Arts, we marvelled at the parallels in our lives although we are thousands of miles apart. Decisions to step away for a season in favour of health. Realising what a gift that time-out was/is for nurturing the relationships dearest to us. Enjoying shared moments with those we love with our lives. The special bond that mothers and daughters share, especially when girls grow up to become women.

She said her girls find it hard to believe that their mother has a friend from Singapore, since in their universe for the moment, ‘friends’ all come from only around the area, in school or the neighbourhood. “You have a friend from Singapore? And she is here and she wants to meet you?… But how is that possible? Where did you find her?”… :p

It turns out Paula will be in Montreal next week for work! So I’m going to shift my Montreal segment up by a week 🙂 As Paula would say, “Live spontaneously!”…


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