Walking to?

Walks take us to food.

[The Green Door Restaurant @ 198 Main Street, a vegetarian buffet. Yums!]

Walks show us beauty.

Walks lead us to the theatre – and a play about walking right πŸ™‚

Was very impressed. Ottawa Little Theatre is run by community actors who do what they do for free. People can purchase a season ticket which allows them to watch performances for a whole year. Many seniors do that; that’s how we got our tickets too – from TS’ Mum.

It was a very small theatre, but nice and cosy, had a little-town feel indeed. There were art pieces all around the lobby and foyer; realised they were by local artists and actually on sale! How clever – let people admire the works before a show and during intermission and consider buying them. There were mini black and white portraits running across the top of the walls as well. Found out that they were professional portrait shots of all the actors in the Theatre – for a particular performance, shots of the actors in the cast are simply retrieved and pinned up on a special noticeboard at the entrance. Nicely done.

The actors did a great job of Messiah on the Frigidaire. Good coordination & chemistry; the set was simple but had depth; the script well-written; and the audience appreciative. Dramatic, funny, sad, angry, confused, restless. I liked the double meanings in a fair bit of the dialogue. Much food for thought, especially for those in a season of asking Whys and Where-tos.

“It was a good thing you trimmed the hedges after all. Most of it was dead anyway, and it was good to remove the excesses. Then we can have new growth.”

“You don’t need more answers… you need less questions!”

“It’s easier to stick a camel in the eye with a needle than for the rich to enter heaven!”

One of my favourite parts was the Director’s Notes:

“This play is a comedy, but it is also a contemplation on what is real and what is not. We all want some indication that we are on the right track. Often we have a disquiet which causes us to seek a sign to reassure us, point us in the right direction, or perhaps challenge where we are in our lives. To be a genuine sign, it must change us in our hearts, otherwise it is just another experience to be ‘consumed’ like we consume products, services and toys.

The Greek word was metanoia, or change of heart. However, that can be a painful experience. Sometimes we have to lose what we have so that we can be open to new possibilities. This is why people who have suffered are the most dynamic leaders: Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Jesus. It also explains why Blues is such a powerful musical style.

In psychology, metanoia refers to the process of experiencing a breakdown followed by a rebirth or healing. Images have a powerful way of speaking to us, of challenging us to change. It also helps if you can laugh at yourself and your angst. … One of my favourite authors, Richard Rohr, has noted: ” The psychologist Carl Jung said that deep transformation happens primarily in the presence of images. They alone can touch the unconscious – in one invasive and healing reconfiguration of the soul. It might also take the form of a biography, a song, a theater piece, a movie, a dream image, a sculpture, an inner vision, a piece of art. But after the encounter, you see things differently. One hundred sermons could never have moved you to this new place.” – Brian Cano.


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