Came back to Ottawa from Montreal on Wed evening to a blackout. Apparently there had been a storm in Ottawa; a power line along Riverdale Avenue had fallen and was tangled up in a tree.

TS and I sat down to a salad dinner – one of the few things that didn’t need cooking. No TV, no internet, no showers either. Thankfully he had 2 charged garden lamps, which we used prudently. He also gave me a small camping light which I wore on my head to move around the house safely – very useful since there are 6 flights of stairs from basement to the bedrooms! But I felt like a coal miner :p Played with the light and realised that I could get more light for my buck by shining it onto the ceiling and letting the light bounce off 🙂

Since we had nothing else to do, we walked out twice into the neighbourhood – first to find out where the accident was, then to check which other houses had light. We stood in the cold wind and watched 2 guys from Hydro Canada try and fix the problem. When it seemed to never end, we strolled back home.


“O Lord, please restore power to this neighbourhood. There are many seniors living in this community and they need light to move around safely. Help the Hydro guys to fix the problem quickly and well. In the meantime, keep us safe.”

“And let there be light! … someone said that before, no?”

“God did, T. He said that and the world was created.”

“Oh I didn’t know that… I’m much better with the Psalms. Especially Psalm 18 – it really helped me.”

It was in a blackout that we spoke about Light.

For You light my lamp;  The LORD my God illumines my darkness. – Ps 18:28



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