The Odds

Yesterday was the day orchestrated by God, which I’d described in part earlier. The first Sunday I came back to DCUC (late May), I saw that the Canadian Christian Meditation Community was going to have its national conference from 10-12 June, and that they were organising an afternoon seminar on 12 Jun for youths and young adults to learn about the practice of Christian meditation. I mulled over the event for a while, then signed up. After I’d signed up, I realised that the event venue was only an 8-10 min walk away from where I would staying during that period of time!

Some time later, I saw a random Facebook ad about a Christian worship service on 12 Jun in the evening in my very church. I’d never attended any evening events in DCUC, and was keen to try. Bought myself a ticket to Brian Doerksen’s Level Ground tour (Ottawa was the 3rd of 8 stops) quite soon after. It was only after I’d bought the ticket that I realised Doerksen was the songwriter behind Refiner’s Fire – which I had been struck by for some reason in the early part of this trip, even though I’ve sung it many times before and was never crazy about it!


During the Q&A, a gentleman near the front of the auditorium asked how meditation can be applied in the business community (assumption being that meditation takes up more time than businesspeople can spare). Surprisingly, Fr Laurence Freeman cited Ng Kok Song of GIC as an example. He went on to describe how MM Lee came to know about and practise meditation through Mr Ng. Fr Laurence spent another 10-15min describing Singapore and MM Lee to the audience, and related his own subsequent encounter with MM Lee and how he advised MM Lee to meditate in the morning, not just in the evening.

I remember reading an interview with MM Lee where he talked a bit about meditation… but what were the odds of hearing all that in a little university halfway around the world?!


I would have stayed longer after the seminar to talk with people, but was heading over to church for the Level Ground worship service. However, I managed to chat a bit with a few participants; when I told them I was from Singapore, they looked positively stunned. Really, what were the odds?!

Level Ground was great. Am not a big fan of loud music, but it was quite an experience seeing DCUC’s grand pipe organ as the backdrop for an energetic Christian concert. And the band did very well to create an intimate atmosphere for the evening.

The band was scattered amongst the audience (being on ‘Level Ground’ with the audience), and I was just behind the sound guy – even he looked like he was playing an instrument. Others would have gotten a priceless view of the bass and electric guitarists. The drummer had to be onstage – unfortunately, because he was doing some pretty fancy stuff the whole night…

Brian Doerksen and his backup singer were off-centre – surprisingly, it was a cocktail table and 2 bar stools that took centrestage. Found out quickly why. He explained that in every stop of their tour, the band would invite locals to step up and share their stories of grace, hope and love, in a conversation setting with him. Yesterday, we heard moving stories from 2 women about their totally broken lives and the absolute, unmistakedly divine transformation that they witnessed once they turned things over to God. To me, it was the most inspiring segment of the evening.



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  1. wow.. who would have thought.. i would have passed out from shock when they mentioned MM Lee and Singapore!!

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