We really spoke too soon.

[Pic from The Inquisitr]

Vancouver was horribly mugged by a bunch of people who, according to Rex Murphy of CBC’s The National (sample clip: Five Simple Rules for Politicians), had “less intelligence than a ball of mud… but fools don’t need intelligence to be fools”. The footage showed overturned, burning cars, smashed shopfront windows… at least a few people were crying too, not because the Canucks lost, but out of disappointment and shame over the riots and destruction. One girl was caught on video standing protectively in front of a smashed shopfront and shouting into the crowd, “Are you crazy? This is our city!!”

I hope they find the people who’ve done this horrible thing, soon. And I wish Vancouver strength and solidarity in picking itself up from it.


Oh, so it was our final homecooked dinner at Riverdale Avenue!

Roast chicken and potatoes, with sauteed chard

5-minute Cheesecake in a mug 🙂



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