C is for…

C is for…

Cooking quickly

Cute, novel fruit (granadillas)

Coming together for a tea party (details in next post ;))

Cirque de la Symphonie 🙂

If I didn’t see it for myself tonight, I would never have imagined a performance combining orchestra and circus. But that’s exactly what we saw – the NAC Orchestra playing with concentration and energy, beneath and behind swirling acrobats.

It was an awesome performance that exceeded expectations in many ways.


We were in early and heard/saw the orchestra tuning up.

“I know they’re not deliberately playing anything, each doing their own thing… but it sounds like organised chaos.”

“I think there’s actually a tune to it…”


The maestro spoke. And I don’t mean give a few short comments about the pieces. Jack Everly bantered with the audience in good humour, even ad libbed on a child’s crying and sneezing. At one point, when a well-built bare-chested acrobat postured himself in front of the orchestra in preparation as the maestro explained the piece, the maestro said, “And this piece…oh well, no one’s listening to what I’m saying anymore anyway…”, turned around promptly and started conducting.

At another point, the acrobats dragged the maestro away from his music stand mid-piece and made him part of a magic trick they were performing. They somehow managed to get his jacket off, and put onto an acrobat who was bound up with rope – with the jacket under all the knotted rope. All the while, the orchestra played on; the maestro got back just in time to swoosh the musicians to a smashing finish. After a dramatic pause, the maestro turned around to the audience, mocked-sobbed and said, “I feel violated…”. At the very end of the performance, he was the last to leave – by chasing after the jester-acrobat who had been “disrupting” the performance the whole evening.


The acrobats were stunning. I especially liked Aloysia Gavre with the aerial hoop; Elena Tsarkova with riboon dance; Irina Burdetsky with the hula hoops; and Alexander Streltsov performing aerial artistry on silk fabrics. The biggest wow came from Jarek & Darek – Strongmen, handbalancing segment. They all possessed the mysterious combinations of steel and silk; flexibility and firmness; exuberance and shadow. It was fascinating. Their literal and figurative balance were simply inspirational!



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