King’s daughters

Much-awaited Sat afternoon tea party with DCUC Bible Study ladies.

Was pleasantly surprised by the name of the residence that Daisy lives in!

Such is the generosity and care of these friends…

The “swiss roll” was actually thinly sliced bread with a peanut butter and banana filling. Wasn’t that clever? 🙂

Lovely tiny strawberries from Pam’s garden.

“They’re warm eh? I just picked them up – they were still in the ground 2 hours ago.”

Lovingly hand made – by Daisy.

From L to R: Daisy, Helene, Agnes, Pat, Alene, Verna, Pam and Hazel (we were missing Sarah)


We had plenty of sweets and savouries for the afternoon, and good bitter tea. A good reflection of the conversation as well – sweet recollection, salty anecdotes and enough bitter realities to make one thankful that God gives friends for the journey.

Daisy had everyone say a bit about themselves and how they came to be at DCUC, before she wanted to ask me the “many questions about Singapore and yourself”. Yes, Daisy’s curiosity is very endearing 🙂


“Well, we were married in 1952…”

“I was born in Montreal, and you know in those days, all French, all Catholic, it was difficult (being Protestant)… we were in a very small church, everything had to be in French…”

“Daisy picks up strange men and takes rides from them…” [Daisy’s retort to hitchhiking: God takes cares of fools and drunks!]

“Was born and grew up in DCUC… then we moved away and I was there for 50 years… eventually we came back to Ottawa, and it had to be DCUC – we went around, but DCUC felt like home…”

“Verna, how long have you been in DCUC?” [Verna: Oh, just about 60 years…]

“Well, when I was in school teaching music, we had this system of referring to the children as Canaries, Robins or Blackbirds… the kids sniffed it out in 2 minutes. Well, what did you think they were – stupid? Of course…”

“I was with External Affairs for many years…”

“I’m sorry for arriving so late everyone. I have to explain and you’ll see. Harold and I had just left, and our neighbour came over and said his dad just died – he was 101! What can you do? You can’t say, I’m sorry we need to be somewhere else now. So we stayed. Then we were caught in traffic – there are so many festivals going on today all over Ottawa…”


Isn’t it amazing? Their faithfulness. Many of them have been in church, been married… for about twice as long as I’ve been alive! How much grace they must have seen! They make me look forward to growing old.

“I don’t really know what to say. After hearing all your stories… Let me pull out the largest number I can… well, I’ve almost 32 years old…” — to much laughter

They left me with a DCUC mug – a fitting reminder that in many ways, we share the same cup.



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Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. Write. Draw. Colour. Blend. Play. Dream. Cry. Reflect. Pray. Sing. Worship. Bake. Cook. Rest. Give thanks.


  1. C

    Ahh, how I wish I could have taken part in your BS on Sunday mornings…..

    Just doesn’t pay to be part of the other Church arm I guess!

    Could have gotten to know so much more about you all and also be able to continue to pray for each other’s welfare in Christ.


    • Haha, actually I was thinking of the reverse – I would love to sing with the choir the next time I’m back! 🙂 No, don’t regret – it just means there will still be many more new things to do for the next trip! 🙂

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