Yups. Disconnected. As expected.

It’s funny – the guy who was right behind me must have been a young Singaporean student based in Toronto. We were greeted by ground staff once we stepped off the aerobridge, with just 8 min before the connecting flight to Singapore would take off (we were delayed by 45min at Toronto Airport). The obviously stressed ground staff took our boarding passes away from us and gave us new ones, with nary an instruction on what it meant and where we should go. This poor Singaporean guy lost it and half-yelled, “Again?! This is the 3rd time! Everytime I head back, I have to stay over in HK…” and promptly ran off somewhere. Pity. I’d have liked to talk to him. (Then again, he probably wouldn’t have been as friendly as my new Newfoundland friend ST.)


So it’s not the first time it’s happened. So why does CX continue to issue this itinerary?? I’d asked my Pricebreaker agent about this 40min connection before leaving SG; he told me it was given to them by CX, so they couldn’t anything about it.

Disconnect from reality? Or conscious denial of what’s feasible?

In any case, CX was well prepared for this. I found out over the next hour or so that I had a 1-night airport hotel pass, and breakfast voucher at the airport for tomorrow morning. At least I can sleep horizontally for a while (correction. Just ‘sleep’) and look forward to eating real ‘zhok’ tomorrow.

Assuming the rather scary strong winds we’re having in HK now die down…




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  1. oh dear.. at least they’re giving you hotel and food.. we had to pay for our own.. πŸ˜›

    • no way! urgh. good thing you had each other for company πŸ™‚

      i just peeked out of window – trees still flailing about. eeps.

      but I think I’ll walk over to airport earlier and enjoy a good bowl of zhok. will need the energy in any case.

  2. My husband’s other name is “travel warrior” for all the adventures he has had flying and trying to make connections – both here in the US and in Asia. Just last night, he was relating to me his adventure in Indonesia…there was running involved (nothing new), wrong information given, not by the airlines, but by the organizers of the conference he spoke at, …but he’s usually happy for the sushi breakfast when he has to stay overnight in Japan!

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