Is Cursive Obsolete?

A fair question.

“Kids will drop cursive writing if they see its need go away , but that’s not the point. It’s what they’re learning simultaneously when engaged in learning cursive.”

I can’t remember the last time I wrote in cursive. No, wait. I think I still sign in cursive – a “common” signature, not the “official” one. For signatures, cursive somehow looks nicer than script. Remember taking a very long time to find a signature I was comfortable with – and which didn’t look like I was a 10-year-old signing off in a friend’s autograph book!

But I don’t write in cursive. I don’t think in cursive either (I realise I actually visualise words and sentences before I say them. Maybe topic for another blogpost…). Maybe thinking in cursive would make me dizzy. Or maybe it would allow me to think better, if the above blogpost is right. I don’t know. Maybe I should have written out this blogpost in cursive – then I’d know…

I rarely see good handwriting (script or cursive) anymore. Good handwriting has the effect of making me linger and re-read words and sentences. I enjoy reading handwritten birthday and farewell cards – the ones from groups of people are even more fun, because I also receive a small selection of handwriting samples! 🙂 Maybe good handwriting is one reason why I enjoy looking at other people’s graphic records so much. Plenty of good pensmanship there 🙂 … … I like how handwriting slows me down. True, what I put down on paper isn’t reversible the way typing is. But, writing allows my mind to catch up with my fingers. The feel of pen on paper is something to be savoured too – on a fresh, smooth sheet, or on the other side of an already-bumpy page. But I digress.

Just glanced at my handwriting on a postcard. Realised it’s half-script, half-cursive. Cursive where it feels natural, script where it’s not. Maybe I’m only thinking half as well as I could be.



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