Colour Theory

We learnt about colour theory in class today. I took away surprise lessons about the company we wait for and choose to keep.

My new Filipina friend JAA taking down notes she missed last week. She went to the wrong venue for our first class last Sat and ended up over 1 hour late! She came in hurriedly and took the only seat left in the room – the one next to me. Before she came in, I was feeling lonely – people in the class didn’t seem friendly… competitive, actually! So it turned out to be a great blessing – JAA’s nice.

Today, JAA was the first one in class 🙂 I got in a couple of minutes early, and decided to take pictures of the stuff around us, and the room. JAA laughed. She said, “So we are similar in quite a few ways…” and went on to show me the pictures she had taken just a while ago. Quite suddenly, she remarked,

“See, there is always a reason why things happen. A reason why people meet.” 

I was touched by what she said, because she meant it in the context of our unexpected friendship. Yet she couldn’t have known how appropriate that also was for the week I had experienced and the week to come! It was almost as if she had read a question on my heart.

Paper evidence that we’re running out of fingers to blend different colours – and forgetting which fingers we used for which colours. Hmm, toes??… :p

My wonderfully imperfect, and unfinished piece. It was less important than the lessons I learnt. Found parallels in colour theory for how we choose the company we keep – and be company for others. Or maybe they were things that God wants to show me, so they appeared 🙂

  • When complementary colours are placed together, both colours appear brighter.     This made me think about the closest friendships each of us have (like BFFs). About how people have differing views on the “Yes, couples should be more similar than different” – “No, opposites attract” spectrum. About a wedding I attended in April, where the pastor exhorted the couple, ” May you always need each other – not looking to each other to fill your emptiness, but to bring out your fullness.” About a friend I just spoke with, who told me couples play a very important role for each other – to direct each other back to God. I guess, as that happens, more of God’s light and likeness is evident and the couple will indeed appear brighter.
  • An object’s tonal quality is affected by reflection from surrounding objects (e.g. a green apple can have red tones if it’s near a red object, especially one larger than itself). There is relationship, even if there is a distance between the objects. Colours do “rub” off on each other.     A reminder about the environments we find or place ourselves in. I may sometimes have too much confidence in my ability to stand firm upon my values. But there is relationship (unless you’re a hermit) and therefore ‘tonal reflection’. As far as the choice is given me to make, I pray to make wise choices in a spirit of grace. And where it’s not, I pray that I will be sober enough to remember the ‘colour’ I really am.

How I am in need of further grace!

I do feel very grateful to God for leaving that seat beside me last Sat empty for such a long time, until my new friend came along. It was company worth waiting for.



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