So. Many. People. – Part V

So interesting. 37 people trying to organise themselves and agree on a presentation framework (or a few?) for the Big Ones later in the month. In a way, it’s a microcosm of the nature and clime of their usual work discussions. Many people involved, many ways to go about a task/’problem’, everyone expressing themselves eloquently with all good intention. Many big words, even bigger concepts, plus the weight of the responsibilities these things carry.

You can hear the struggles. Do we try to crystallise some kind of solutions? Is it even possible? Or present the diversity of views as they are? Try to second-guess what the prevailing sentiments will be around that period of time? The trouble is that none of these approaches are bad. It’s just that everyone wants very much to do “not too hot, not too cold, exactly right” presentations. And decide exactly how they are going to divvy up the work πŸ˜‰

A certain pressure comes from being a ‘special class’ – the chance to make a real difference through the airtime they are going to get with the Big Ones.

“We are the first group post-GE…”

“… we’ll get a Christmas tree?!”

“What will the mood be after…”

Shades, shades.




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