So. Many. People. – Part VII

Such a busy day – back-to-back sessions! Am not a sprinter, but did exactly that between sessions.

Loved today’s sessions.

A chance to meet the first Big Boss I had when I started working – he was as personable as ever. His fellow panelist was also personable, and candid. I loved their down-to-earth manner.

“Nothing can replace a handshake.”

Hear, hear!

A chance to listen to their Sponsor again. Stifled my giggles – those who knew would have been able to tell that it was a leave-little-time-for-questions-by-facilitating-upfront tactic. Very clever. Respect. 🙂 I loved that the session was full of stories – some funny, others sobering. Nothing was off limits – from integrity to insecurity, to indiscretion and inspiration. While they didn’t get to ask questions, I think what the Sponsor did was to turn unspoken questions into hooks to draw back the curtains of many hearts.

“Insecurity – it happens more often than you think.”

“If you can’t be faithful to who you’re supposed to, we don’t know what you might succumb to in your work areas…”

If only there could be more of such Sponsors!


More rushing, this time to Press. Was hoping to see the Art Desk, but didn’t. But the conversation was great. Respectful honesty. White on black. Glad I chose that palette – it fit the conversation.



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