We are 46!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy SiNgaPOre! 🙂

Even the tub of margarine is celebrating?!

At some point in our lives, we realise that having a cake is not the most important thing about a birthday. A birthday is time for celebration – and this nation that has defied the odds has much to celebrate. But it is also a time for reflection. For those of us entering the midstream of life – no longer adolescent, nor even youthful, but not yet elderly, somewhat like Singapore – it may be time to face up to our own fragility and mortality. 

Life is a gift. Life is fragile. These so-trite-yet-so-wise words are as true of a nation as of a person. On birthdays, we celebrate life. And then we reach beyond celebration to affirm our commitment to cherish and protect the good life. Happy Birthday, Singapore.

— Chua Mui Hoong, Review Editor, The Straits Times


About lilac butterfly

Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. Write. Draw. Colour. Blend. Play. Dream. Cry. Reflect. Pray. Sing. Worship. Bake. Cook. Rest. Give thanks.

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