Salon: Cary Tennis

Food for thought.

Am I Cut Out For My Dream Job?

HTD: I don’t want to be someone who runs away from life’s challenges, but I also don’t want to be someone who is in over their head, making themselves sick all the time trying to keep up. Healthy challenges are one thing, but not being qualified or “cut out” for something is another. I just got back from the aforementioned time off, and I still feel pretty sapped energy-wise. This affects my motivation and productivity, which makes me feel even worse. … Right now I just want some straightforward feedback. I’ve spent three years trying to figure it out on my own, and I’m still not sure. I thought my attitude and self-confidence needed adjustment, but maybe it’s just who I am.

CT: … You have to say no. The people you work with are not thinking of you. They are thinking of themselves. They will work you as hard as they can. They will not stop until you drop from exhaustion. When you drop from exhaustion, they will find somebody else. So it is up to you to manage yourself. It is up to you to say no.

You live in a world that tricks you into believing that if you do what it says you will be happy. You won’t. You won’t be happier if you get the top spot. You won’t be happier if you answer every call.

You say you work for a cause you believe in. You might be happier if you work more directly for your cause. I’m not sure what cause that is, but if it’s, say, to create safer conditions for fishermen, you might be happier if you were actually fishing. Or if it’s to keep the environment pristine, you might be happier if you were actually in that environment keeping it pristine. Or if it is an organization dedicated to helping people, you might be happier if you were actually helping those people yourself. 


Citizens of the Dream


How will this book help you in your work? 

It will give you encouragement. Sometimes all you need is to keep going. Encouragement is good for that. You may be stuck on a piece, and there is no other way but to keep going. 

But what good is encouragement if you’re going the wrong way? Eventually you will have to change your approach. 

Sometimes when we are stuck it is because we are not really present with the work. We ask ourselves, Do I feel sleepy? Am I boring myself? How can I be courageous in this moment? How can I wake up? What is true right now? 

In writing this introduction, I was working over and over the first paragraph. I had to stop and ask, What is going on? I realised I was working over and over a thing that was basically boring to begin with. I had to stop and just let go of this boring thing. I had to start over. We may persist in making a boring thing more and more perfect, until we have something that is perfectly boring. Then we have to start over. 


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