Alphachimp 4

Getting started on Module 2 this afternoon. Decided on an early start since I’m out and about for a large part of the week, but this module requires more work than the previous one.

First up, a free spin exercise 🙂

I misread the instructions and ended up with a glorious mess. Well, since I made a mess of it already, might as well look for the gems within it. Was amused by some things I could ‘see’ in the scrawls. Especially the red kettle in the top left corner – reminded me of a little gift I left Da in May 🙂

On hindsight, that doesn’t seem like a bad outlook to have at all – make the best of a mess. Also chewed on a couple of scribing-related thoughts :p

1) Line thickness makes a difference. Not just for writing text, but for giving texture, emphasis and dimension to shapes. (My newest excuse to get a full range of nibs!)

2) Boil down to basics. Just about everything can be reduced to being composites of basic shapes.

3) Spacing emotes. I felt the more densely packed areas carried more intense emotions, and vice versa. Made me think that in scribing, how far/closely we place the scribing bits (text or images) can be a proxy for the energy/emotions of the group we serve at that moment in time.

4) Position changes perspective. I discovered that it’s easy to change the profile and orientation of a face by simply adjusting the positions of the same features – sometimes to extreme places!


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