Alphachimp 5

A forgotten game.

Was watching the Triangles/Arrows vid and suddenly remembered I used to play this game endlessly with family and friends.

We would take the largest piece of paper we could find, each grab a pen and begin dotting the paper furiously (and very randomly). Then, we would take turns to draw triangles by connecting the dots on the paper. Rules were simple: lines could not cross each other; and no passing on turns.

As you can imagine, the stress and giggles would start when the obvious triangles had all been drawn in. The last person left drawing would be the winner. The prize? Usually getting to bring the group’s “masterpiece” home, since we were just kids then and barely had enough leftover pocket money to buy anything…

On hindsight, I realise it was a great exercise. It challenged us to be creative, to see the same picture from different angles, and also honed our spatial imaginations and visual focus (not easy connecting 2 faraway dots with a straight line!!). It showed us that like it or not, we influence and affect each other by our actions and choices. It taught us an important principle – that turf-guarding does no one any good!! (e.g. if we all dotted our own small areas, we’d have all sunk together quickly)… And I guess, I always had Visual in my blood šŸ˜‰

How nice to connect some dots looking back šŸ™‚ Even as I trust the dots will connect themselves moving forward.


Afternote, 22 Aug 2011:

Would you believe it – the StoryPeople story for the day that came in my inbox was this —

“Resorting to connecting the dots this morning because it was a long night & he needs to do something really simple to get started again.”



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