A very reflective day.

Not melancholic – in fact, I feel very settled today, which is nice. Partly because a couple of things are in place; things that are not… that’s just fine. Partly because I’ve done quite well the last 3 days with 2/3 meds; while I don’t feel significantly physically stronger, I do feel stronger on the whole. Partly because I’ve had a conversation that I was looking forward to very much. Partly because I’ve passed a danger phase, and my heart can rest for a while (away, tempest!).

And then there is this afternoon rain and the howling wind. Made a big hot mug of maple tea. Ah, Canadian maple… Ottawa. Much love and yearning. Sat down with this taste of love, and cleared emails that were filled with love, faith, honesty, forgiveness, loyalty and encouragement. Am very blessed 🙂

“How do you measure your life? Or a year?”

Random conversation. Threw up Seasons of Love (RENT). Perfect song for a 1-year NPLer 😉

Measure your life in love.

None of us actually know. How much time there is left. It’ll be over much sooner (and in some cases, way too quickly and shockingly) than any of us can fully realise. Then what’s left?

All as best as can be expected here – fall is here now. 15 deg C at night and dark as of 7:30 pm now… the long nights are coming. Lots of love, T.

Perhaps just how much we’ve loved. And allowed ourselves to be loved… in spite of ourselves.

Perhaps just the evidence of whether we were wise enough to know what was worth focusing on. (Interesting how wisdom has little to do with smarts.) That conversation I was looking forward to: “I wonder… how they know to not focus on the things that do not matter, and focus on the things that do matter.”

It’s a really difficult way to live. Eternity in our hearts, yet fully in the moments. But no one said it would be easy. Or that we do it in our own strength. Thankfully I cast my eyes and cares on Him who was, who is and is to come. And face the fleeting moments with peace and confidence.

Humour helps too 🙂

Nice to hear the step-down. Must be maple syrup. U hang in there wen. – K.S. 

Haha. Maple tea too, K.S…


You Hold My World (Israel Houghton)




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