Alphachimp 10

Lagging behind, but I like taking time to connect what I’m learning to what I already know. To see how the insights apply in my part of the world even though the classes are being conceptualised half a world away.

“Listen for the pictures.”

Metaphors are a big part of my journey.  Many different ones, marking different seasons (even ‘season’ is a metaphor!) So I fully agree that “metaphor accomplishes the supremely difficult task of providing a name for everything”. I’ve found that metaphors are all around me too – God speaks through metaphors in nature, events, circumstances, objects… The question is always, always just whether I’m listening and observing.

“You are holding more than one colour in your hand!”

What a good reminder (though the point was made in a different context). Too often I’m tempted to ‘scribe’ everything one way, and highlight nothing. As if ‘success’ was defined by capturing and possessing as much as possible, in the shortest possible time. No stopping to think about what is significant, or what the story is. Too often also, I’m tempted to ‘write off’ other things and people based on my limited comprehension, and allow them to fade into my mono-colour sea of memories.


“Beautiful ambiguity”

“Music possesses the power of expressivity… and human beings have the innate capacity to respond to it.”

“In any sense that music can be considered a language… it is a totally metaphorical language.”

“Consider the word metaphor. Meta = beyond and phor = carry. Carrying meaning beyond the literal, the tangible, beyond the grossly semantic. To the selfcontained ‘ding an sich’ of musical meaning.     Metaphor is the generator, the powerplant of music, just as it is of poetry. Aristotle puts metaphor midway between the unintelligible and the commonplace. A marvelous remark. It is metaphor, he says, that most produces knowledge. The artist can not help but agree, nor can the lover of art.     Even more strikingly, he says, that metaphor accomplishes the supremely difficult task of providing a name for everything. And by everything he obviously meant our interior lives. The things that can’t be named otherwise. Our psychic landscapes and actions.     And it is thus that poetry and music, but especially music, through its specific and far reaching metaphorical powers, can and does name the unnameable. And communicate the unknowable.”


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