Dinner so fine

I’m not bad-mannered. But if there’s any occasion on which I might be thrown out of a restaurant, it would have been tonight. Because I was laughing too hard, too loud and too often.

Fine dining. Really not my cup of tea. So glad I was with the Patster, Pungentsock and GoodHeart. They made it so memorable – just by being who they are 🙂 Hilarious and heartwarming, yet thought-provoking and sobering…

We started fashionably late. Gave me time to observe and think slowly about these dear old friends, and how their days have been. … Poor Pungentsock in some muck, but being her, still holding up with good spirits. Poor GoodHeart came in with exasperation – my heart went out to him. We were certain that the Patster would come in radiant. He did – and was promptly told that he was allowed (just this time) to be in the restaurant dressed as he was. (Phew! Only by gut feel did I decide to put on a dress today at the last moment instead of berms…) I don’t know if it was the lighting and acoustics, but half the time I couldn’t hear the detailed explanations of the dishes or remember what went into them :p Guess I’m just not cut out for fine dining…

Many threads. Some across, some around. Recalled reasons for my hesitation and sense of dread as I listened. Shudder. How, how indeed? God will give me grace when the time comes. It is really sad though – work in and of itself can be quite simple and enjoyable. All these other things, however…

My dear friends aren’t the first. This year, I’ve noticed that so many people I meet are tired. Deeply tired. Some are even on the brink of falling seriously ill. “Is it work?” – everyone asks that question at some point. Is it, indeed? Is there something wrong with work, or something wrong with us? Or both?

Ultimate – when we started talking about where to go the next time. Maybe Long Jiang – it was in the same feature. Maybe Second Kitchen – recommended by trusty food bloggers. Somehow that segued into the humble ‘hor fun’, and a vivid description of the best one – apparently somewhere in IMM. The merits of kway teow vs. bee hoon. [Seriously, is bee hoon a ‘girl type of noodle’?!] I was this close to bursting from the irony of it all. Tipping point – the Patster’s face just lit up when he said, “But bee hoon and hor fun… now that’s a different thing…” ROFL!

Bill, please! We’re so in the wrong place.

Haha. My dear funny old friends 🙂

What a fine dinner it was!



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