No Words Needed

Unearthing old Steve Green music yesterday brought back a lot of memories. Too many songs, meaning too many things.

One lovely song, which reminds me of Vancouver 1999 and quiet, precious times with the Lord then. In the mornings, in an unremarkable dorm room that looked like it had been converted from part of the restroom (no kidding! I was right next to the common bathrooms…).

No words needed.

Just silent worship.

And listening.

The song reminded me that every time I looked at the rugged beauty of British Columbia, I should also see the majestic yet gentle Creator God behind it.

A God who gives us the incredible masterpiece of a new day every morning; and waits patiently for us to notice and say, Wow, this takes my breath away… thank You Father.

Coming to think of it, that unremarkable dorm room wasn’t too different from a place I’ve come to love dearly in the past year. Yes, it’s coming to a year since I first stepped into that place of refuge and safety. And keep going back. The two places may be more than a decade apart, and the contexts in which they are located couldn’t be more different… but the call to relationship and true intimacy with the Lord is the same. It has taken that long for me to turn back.




In the morning deep calls to deep
In the morning, you quietly speak.
In the morning, you find those who seek,
In the morning.

In the morning, I bring my request.
In the morning, each care is confessed.
In the morning, you quiet unrest
In the morning.

In the morning, I listen and wait.
In the morning, faith anticipates.
In the morning, you make my way straight,
In the morning.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

– (In The Morning. Steve Green)


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