Megan Jaegerman

Read a friend’s FB post on infographics and was redirected to an Edward Tufte page. Reminded me that I’ve left my 1/5th-read Tufte book in a forgotten corner after being overtaken by events in August. Anyway. Looked at some Megan Jaegerman work, and started thinking more broadly again about ‘good’ infographics. Especially since I’ve been doing a little project for the last month and a half – maiden effort. Not sure that what I’ve done is ‘good’ – probably good examples of ‘bad’ haha. Well, we learn…

Takeaway from Jaegerman’s work? Nicely summarised in friend’s FB post/link :- good infographics are those where you actually get information, not data – in an elegant, fun and engaging way. If I apply that criteria to my maiden project, then only one of the four infographics we did possibly makes the cut. In that one, we ourselves gained clarity on the policy as we created the infographic! A toast to visual thinking 🙂

Scanning through Jaegerman’s work, saw this one on women’s health. Second one I’ve seen that mentions Lupus. This was the first. I’m sure there are more, just not sure how many are live/real-time. As far as I know, they’ve been running at least one research study in Singapore for the last 8-10 years, collecting longitudinal data. The awareness is growing. Would be very useful and interesting to see/do lupus infographics for Singapore/Asian data.



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