Wildcards (IV)

Reading up before an event can be a drag. It’s the looming mountain that needs to be scaled before one can shout with abandon at the summit (or start rolling downhill in glorious clumsiness).

Should have guessed though, that reading up for this one would be different. After all, the participants of this Conference aren’t really ordinary people. If you had the privilege of spending a day with any of these visionaries, am pretty sure the day would zoom past with no lack of conversation topics or intriguing stories.

My fault for not starting any earlier than I did 😦

Anyways. My reading up has amused, inspired, fascinated me and warmed my heart 🙂 …


I didn’t know Paul Saffo was into journals too!…

Parag Khanna: “.awe”! Word of the day – “cause-mopolitan”… [How to Run the World]

Jeremy Bentham is passionate about encouraging young people through his church community. Respect… 

Dave Snowden’s Trivia hehe…

Linton Wells – recently focusing on STAR-TIDES

Roger Dennis – Serendipity Architect. The title makes me smile 🙂 I suppose he gets his blueprints by happenstance… 

Remember first hearing Jocelyne Bourgon speak 7 years ago when Singapore hosted the CAPAM 10th Anniversay Biennial Conference. We were part of the organising committee (oh, we were so young then!). She’s so charismatic. Been in love with her red glasses since, and each encounter with her in Singapore or Ottawa has been nothing short of warm and refreshing… 

Dick O’Neill – ideas engine prince. I’m oh-so-curious… More about The Highlands Forum Process

Neal Stephenson: a REAMDEsque question – I wonder what avatars he would assign to each of the Conference participants?? :p


Just left with the smaller but nonetheless important details now!



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