Zoom Out

Wish I could have met Ayog under different circumstances. But even this, is part of the passage of life.

He’d been on the night shift, so we took a quiet lunch not too far off. Talked about many things. All important though not urgent (which actually makes them even more important, in my view!). He’s a great guy. Thankful for people like him around. Not enough of them.

“If I live to be as old, then I’m already halfway through! So what am I going to do with the other half? Surely not just work. Am I doing what I want to do… what I should do?…”

Reminded me of another friend who had a literal mid-air epiphany 3 years ago, which was a turning point in him eventually deciding to go to Bible School to prepare for pastoral ministry. Legacy. Priorities. 

Plenty more candour; all the insights and musings Ayog shared with me brought issues of significance and identity back to mind. All very good. Very in sync with my lessons for the year too.

“Well, I think you’re in a good position. What you’ve been told you lack… that kind of thing can be taught and learnt. But if you lack the other set, that’s much harder – because that depends very much on one’s character and value system. The workplace can only help that much in reshaping those parts of a person…”

As it turned out, Ayog and I have had a few bosses in common – I didn’t realise! We relished talking about one of them – a very well-respected man who genuinely knows how to care for people and their overall well-being.

“Some people just have it – that X-factor… they straddle friendship and professionalism very well…”

“Yah… that kind of boss, I’d go to war for him…”

Ayog definitely has his head screwed on right and tight. He is seeing things very clearly. That is precious.

A parting shot that came full circle:

“Wens, you’re right about being able to take a step back and look at what’s going on. Zooming out…. What are people doing? Saying? Do I do and say that myself too?… But how often do we stop to think whether what we do is right in the first place?… … my wife would point to the kids and say, Wait monkey see monkey do, and yah – it’s humbling…”

“Mm-hmm. We do much – and we know how to do much well. But we don’t spend enough time just being, and be good at being…”



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