Disillusionment is a Mercy

You know you’ve hit a truth when you learn something and a burden’s lifted. This RZIM devotional did just that 🙂

… Disillusionment is a crushing blow, and the collateral damage of shattered expectations quite painful. With good reason, we speak of it in terms of the discomfort and disruption that it fosters; we frame the crushing of certain hope and images in terms of loss and difficulty. The disillusioned do not speak of their losses lightly, no more than victims of burglary move quickly past the feeling of loss and violation. And yet, practically speaking, disillusionment is the loss of illusion. In terms of larceny, then, it is the equivalent of having one’s high cholesterol or a perpetually bad habit stolen. Disillusionment, while painful, is evidence which shows the myths that enchant us need not blind us forever, a sign that what is falsely believed can be shattered by what is genuine. In such terms, disillusion is far less an unwanted intrusion than it is a severe mercy, far more like a surgeon’s excising of a tumor than a cruel removal of hope. …

How true.

The loss of illusion is more a shedding of blindness and the beginning of sight, than what it often feels like – a chilling of the heart and sapping of the spirit. Putting aside of false impressions, incorrect expectations. Embracing what is true, and leaning upon the Lord for the strength to rebuild and walk on, the better for it.

Enough tears.

Silly ostrich no more. I think 🙂

[Picture from elvie studio]


Here’s my heart Lord, take and seal it!



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