Another birthday week

The start of a whole week of birthday celebrations, with a teeny respite somewhere in the middle. Finance Minister did the research this time, as well as the bookings. Was an excellent choice – Canton Recipes House. Heard about Chef Kang since his Canton Wok days, but never tried. We finally caught him at this retro outfit 🙂

Everything we tried was incredibly good. And, as Granite Man and Karate Kid both observed, made from quality ingredients with no shortcuts in flavourings – none of us suffered the usual post-MSG symptoms.

We loved how personal Chef Kang was. He came out and told us stories about the ‘original’ method for cooking that to-die-for Pork Tripe and Kampung Chicken soup. Apparently, if it’s for a big party of at least 8-10 people, the way to do it is to stuff a pig’s stomach with a whole chicken and other ingredients like rice, vegetables and herbs, then double boil the thing for 2-3 days. *drool* …  Half in jest, Karate Kid suggested to Finance Minister that she sign up to be Chef Kang’s apprentice…

Wove our way through a section of Bencoolen and Bugis after lunch, and were quite amused by some bubble-spouting toys. Tried in vain to get nice pictures of the bubbles, but Karate Kid took the opportunity to give me a crash course on his camera anyway. I realised I can’t process more than 3 instructions at any one point in time…

As we walked somewhat aimlessly but contentedly, it also crossed my mind that it might be the first time in many months that we’re all out together, none of us sick with some kind of illness or recovering from some kind of procedure!! What a blessing to be able to celebrate birthdays together as a family in relatively good health.

Have to say that Finance Minister and Granite Man are really good sports. They somehow managed to get waylaid by a cheesy jewellery shop promoter dangling a lucky draw coupon box at passer-bys, and tricked into shouting the shop’s name into a mike with gusto (I buried my head in my bag). For that, they received a ‘mystery gift’… :p

Few things beat a hot drink in a toasty place when the rain is pouring outside:

Contented. Thankful. It is good to be contented and thankful.



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