Good fun! Thanks to AX, who spotted the Groupons for this and flagged it out to CC and I. Realised I’d seen the place before, but noticed only the cafe half of it, which has eclectic furniture and loads of natural light streaming into the cosy corners for people to hang out and chat the day away. Completely missed the art studio half of it!

Not this time 🙂

Didn’t know what to expect, so went there in a blur. We were told to leave our stuff at the side, then flip through some books to find a picture we wanted to paint, and have a colour copy of the picture printed for our reference.

CC was smart – she asked to Google a picture and did what she does so very well – a lovely sketch of a cathedral. AX was adventurous too – she decided to draw her own picture, using Sachiko Umoto as her inspiration. Me… I just didn’t want to paint anything that I couldn’t finish there and then, so I picked something from Yoshitomo Nara which looked easier…

The biggest thing I learnt today was that your art reflects you. That is, your art (or interpretation of something you wish to draw/paint) is a statement of what you believe in, what you aspire to, what you cherish. Made changes to the Yoshitomo Nara picture I selected (sacrilege!)… I didn’t like how the little girl looked uncertain, and I didn’t like her eyes being leaf green. Somehow it felt wrong (double sacrilege!). Gave my little girl a smile – because children should be happy. Also gave her deeper blue eyes – because children’s eyes should carry possibilities and imagination. But that’s me. I should go and read up – likely that Yoshitomo Nara has a strong message to deliver with his style.

The next biggest thing I learnt was : Famous Amos cookies are a must-have for social painting! :p Thanks AX – you really spoilt us 🙂

*     *     *

“So it’s true – there’s nothing that a bit of mascara and blusher can’t solve!” … LOL…

I only realised on the way back that my little girl was missing her eyebrows :p

Got that fixed in a bit 🙂


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