Inquire (II)

Part of the inquiring is remembering.

There is strength in remembering. Wisdom in remembering. Clarity in remembering.

And reminder of a truth distilled in the past, relevant for the present and which holds forever for the future: God will see to it.


“… remind me that it does not matter which is my Red Sea. What matters is knowing the One who parts it.”

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. – Phil 1:6

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. – Rom 8:28

“His design for you is the best thing He has for you. Let God hold the threads so that you will someday see the beauty and the marvel he had in mind when He created you. … If you fail to find this design, the biggest price you may pay is your children or those who look to you as an example. As you let God’s design be worked out in you, you will see its impact in others and for generations. Let the tapestry show its beauty. Shun the threadbare existence. God holds the threads; you hold the shuttle. Move it at God’s behest, and watch the making of something spectacular.” (The Grand Weaver, Ravi Zacharias)

“The joy of the Lord in the spirit springs from an assurance that all the future, whatever it may be, is guaranteed by divine goodness; that being children of God, the love of God toward us is not of a mutable character but abides and remains unchangeable. The believer feels an entire satisfaction in leaving himself in the hands of eternal and immutable love. However happy I may be today, if I am in doubt concerning tomorrow, there is a worm at the root of my peace; although the past may now be sweet in retrospect and the present fair in enjoyment, yet if the future be grim with fear, my joy is but shallow. If my salvation is still a matter of hazard and jeopardy, unmingled joy is not mine and deep peace is still out of my reach. But when I know that He whom I have rested in has power and grace enough to complete that which He has begun in me and for me, when I see the work of Christ to be no halfway redemption but a complete and eternal salvation, when I perceive that the promises are established upon an unchangeable basis and are in Christ Jesus, ratified by oath and sealed by blood, then my soul has perfect contentment.”  – Spurgeon

“Stop analyzing this with your head – go or not go… PRAY. If you have God’s peace to go, then it is the right thing. It is like that. When you have God’s peace, even if you’re scared, you know you are at peace and things will work out wonderfully. If it’s not meant for you, things will just fall through. First, PRAY.”

“… we tend to think of God as a gentle giant. But in times like these, when I see Him move, I realise… man, we have a dangerous God! The way He works…”

“We are created in the image of God, and he modeled for us a way of life that makes sense for how we are created. Here’s how to dance the dance of life, he said: work, be creative, use your imagination, throw yourself into it, whether you are washing dishes, reading to your kids and running a household, or trading stocks, reading corporate reports, and running a business. … At the end of each day, stop. Take a rest, eat a good meal, get enough sleep, and refresh yourself. Take time to think about your day, to notice where God was in it and where you were blessed, and to say, “It’s good.” Then go back at it the next day. And after six days, take a whole day off. And say, “It’s really good.” Spend a whole day just pausing, just reflecting on how really good it is, and then start the dance again, at a sustainable pace.” – Keri Wyatt Kent

“But underneath all these anxieties, there is an immense joy. Free at last! Free to think critically, to feel deeply, and to pray as never before. Free to write about the many experiences that I have stored up in my heart and mind during the last nine years. Free to deepen friendships and explore new ways of loving. Free most of all to fight with the Angel of God and ask for a new blessing.”

“Break out of limiting paradigms. God’s power is not bounded by the experiences of life that we have. Our trouble is, we don’t expect God to work beyond the confines of our pre-determined possibilities.”

“Thus, love for God produces a desire to be with Him, a desire to be like Him, a longing to be with Him, eternally in heaven, and this breaks us away from worldliness; this keeps us from idolatry, and therefore has a most blessedly sanctifying effect upon us, producing that elevated character which is now so rare, but which wherever it exists is powerful for the good of the church and for the glory of God.” – Spurgeon

“If we aren’t clear about our values and what we stand for, what we will uphold, then it’s very hard to know which things and people to prioritise. If we don’t know what is fundamental to us and anchors us, we cannot know where and how to best place our time, energies and attention.”

“When He talks of them losing themselves, He means only abandoning the clamour of self-will. Once they have done that, He really gives them back all their personality, and boasts that once they are wholly His, that they will be more themselves than ever.” – The Screwtape Letters, Episode 13 (Pain & Pleasures) 



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