Take A Stab

Karate Kid’s 26th yesterday. It is thrilling to be where he is – at the cusp of a new beginning. Sure, it’s scary, but the possibilities are infinite.

If I knew then just a few of the things regarding ‘vocation’ that I know now, I would have cherished the lessons I picked up so much more. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying I would change the way things have happened. In fact, I would keep them just the way they were. I’m thankful to God that my life has happened the way it has, and I continue to believe more pleasant surprises are on the way – whether they are obvious or in disguise. Was reminded of this perspective in a conversation with Braveheart too.

So I’ve done what I think best for Karate Kid – give him a little hand for that important and exciting journey of discovering one’s vocation. Happy Birthday dude ๐Ÿ™‚


The nice thing about celebrating birthdays with family at home is that you can totally disregard etiquette and do what you want. A year ago, at one birthday, we didn’t bother to cut the cake into slices. Just grabbed spoons and tucked in. The cake tasted especially good, for some reason…

Well, it was Karate Kid’s party (yes, he could have cried if he wanted to). But nah. So uncool. Of course he would do it… his way ๐Ÿ™‚

KK: I’m not going to blow out the candles… I’m going to suck the flame away…

[5 minutes later, all candles still burning brightly]

LB: You know, I actually do want to eat the cake…

[When we’d finished singing Happy Birthday in English, Mandarin and Korean]

FM: Quick, cut the cake, we want to eat!

KK: (grabs knife and stabs cake)

GM, FM, LB: *stunned silence* followed by hyena-like laughter

Well, since we’d already degenerated, might as well go the whole hog…



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