Cohverli Oil – Vitamin T

“Godma, will you read me a story?”

“Joye joye! Let Godma eat her breakfast first.”

“Alright. You want to come up here on my lap?”


As it turns out, Claudia had plenty to teach the adults too  🙂

“Next day Claudia watched the butterflies flying and gliding, winging and wheeling across the sky. She decided to ask God about what she wanted. “God, I want to fly like the butterflies.” So God led Claudia up the big old tree and under the highest branch. He attached her to the branch and began forming a chrysalis around her like a shell. “Hey,” cried Claudia, “I want to fly. If you close me up I here I’ll die!” But God kept covering Claudia until she was completely closed up in the chrysalis…”

At EJ’s school – makes me want to sit down and play too!

@ Cockington Green Miniature Garden. Hmm, is this how God sees us from above??

“Joye joye, do you see that stick? That’s a measuring stick – it’s for the gardener to make sure each flower has enough space to grow.”

How true for ourselves too. The Divine Gardener is patient, precise and careful to ensure none of us will suffer stunted growth – if only we let Him measure out our boundaries

Ladies having some English tea  🙂

In case you’re starting to forget again, my dear, I take care of the little things pretty darn well – again and again…

Ok, got it, Lord…


Lunch with Daddy, then off for an anticipated trip to Koorong and DFO! :p And I got my Koorong membership! *woo hoo* … I knew it wasn’t silly to bring bubble wrap with me!!


“Look! It’s a sign!”

“Watch out for bicycle… Slow down… Do not… …”

“Info overload”


“Break their will.”

“Aren’t we often like the children too? We are stretched beyond what we can bear, we get cranky, we become sensitive, and we tear up and burst out at the slightest provocation… yet we continue doing exactly the same things – play hard, work hard, go on with routine as we know it, even though we are so very tired. We don’t want to do what our parents tell us to – wash up, settle down for dinner, just calm down…”

“Being a parent really does help you to understand the Father heart of God so much more, doesn’t it?”



Vitamin T – Teachability.


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