Where are you going?

*2.5 year old feet do the 100m dash across the living room from the dining table*

Aww. Going to miss this – you don’t always get someone so enthusiastic to see you first thing in the morning when you step out of your room, running into your embrace in full PJ glory, offering the warmest hug possible from tiny arms, and breaking out in hysterical laughter.

Going to miss holding their tiny hands. Withdrawal symptoms…
… What a special little girl, and a special little boy 🙂


I marvel at how Mr. and Mrs. Lovely use every available opportunity to patiently teach, love, and grow with their children. Every moment is truly a learning moment – for parent as well as child. And little angels have tears – tears that come as quickly as they go; sometimes fierce ones, other times helpless ones. The weather changes faster than you can say “weather”… The Lovely children learn reasoning, godly values and discipline through each moment, and about ‘loving your neighbour as yourself’. It has been a privilege, joy and inspiration to watch.


After a bit of ordinary morning drama at the breakfast table, we’re off to church! 🙂


One more meal together 🙂

Rabbit food… LOL!


“Alright, Joye joye, we’re going back home to Canberra. Say goodbye to Godma…
let’s pray for her that she will continue to be safe, and enjoy the rest of her time in Sydney, ok?”

“Ok… Godma, are you coming to Canberra with us?”

“No, sweetheart.”

“Where are you going?”

“Well, you’re going home to Canberra, and I’m going back to my home. In Singapore.”


“Yes. But I’ll see you again soon… when you fly back for Christmas, ok?”



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