Opening Of A Life

I love Ann Voskamp’s writing. While I can’t fully identify with the life she’s living (we are opposites on so many counts!), her reflections and insights on who God is, and who we are in Him, always resonate with me. She had a phrase in one post this week that gave me food for thought:

“the opening of a life to the largeness of God”

What does such a life look like? Practically. What does such a person do, think, feel? How does such a person choose, perceive, respond? What are the unchanging perspectives and anchors such a person holds on to? Can a life, the small thing that it is (there are after all 7 billion people), even aspire to contain the largeness of God? Would we not pass out from being overwhelmed by God’s magnitude, might and glory?

The beautiful thing is, even if we had 70 billion people on earth, we would still not be able to fully express or completely exhaust the largeness of God. He is infinite. And infinitely good.

“Life-change is as simple as changing our choices – and transformation is fully possible when we form our decisions differently – form them into the image of Christ.”

How does one ‘open a life’? I don’t think it means we abdicate responsibility for decisions, indiscriminately accept and swallow everything life brings, be blasé about ourselves, others and our world, or give up having dreams/aspirations altogether.

The ‘opening of a life’ involves surrender with captivity – giving up self-will and embracing the Lord’s better purposes and plans. A letting go (perhaps, having to do so daily!) on one hand, yet a firm grip on Truth & Hope on the other.

It means being more involved, present & attentive to the threads of our life stories, the journeys others are taking, and the triumphs & suffering in our world – not less.

It means praying for and plucking up the courage to make radical choices – because we follow, love and serve a radical God. Choices that are different (and maybe seemingly senseless), choices that knock the roots and foundations of who we think we are and what we are meant to do.

The amazing thing is, when we just choose to choose differently, God immediately begins pouring the richest of graces and mercies into our lives. We invite His largeness in – and our smallness fades. His largeness enables us to bless (and be blessed); give (and graciously receive); forgive (and be forgiven); be healed (and help to heal). His largeness brings in more ‘fish’ than our nets can hold.

What choices will I change next?…



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