Mind Matters – IV

Over the years, I’ve heard it so many times:

“Very few people find something they truly love to do. If you do, don’t let go.”

I’ve been very blessed – have loved what I’ve done, and done what I’ve loved. Even in the worst of assignments and rotations, I always had fun somewhere, somehow, and came away a better, stronger, wiser, bigger person.

Sometimes there was growth from the work itself – “professional development”, they call it. Other times, growth came from observing role models up close and personal (or recoiling from horrible warnings!). And almost all of the time, I took away precious friendships, the privilege and pleasure of the company of awesome individuals, and the reviving strength of community at its best. As they say, adversity bonds people :p

So, what if you find not one, but two things that you truly love to do?

What do you do?

Do you have to choose?

Can you do them both?

It is at a time like this that words like “plans”, “destiny”, “mission”, “inquire”, “surrender”, “discernment”, “trust” come to mind. They roll off the tongue easily, less so their weight from one’s shoulders. Beads of perspiration. Not from anxiety, but from willing to be still. And wait. Just waiting for the Lord. He is worth waiting for.

I have known the Lord to be a God of perfect timing who delights in surprises and ‘coincidences’. So I smiled when I saw two things that came in today, which speak to the weighty questions that I’m holding.


They do not contain direct answers, and they aren’t even ‘signs’ in a remote sense. They simply remind me that I am firmly held in the arms of a loving God who has only the best in mind for me. In that embrace, unanswered questions don’t matter; uncertain plans don’t either.

I turn from the questions about what I love to do, to the One I love. And I am at rest.



You Are The Instrument

When it is all said and done, you are the instrument.
When the tools and techniques have run their course – you were still the conduit.
When you engage with a system, half the coupling is you.
When you respond to what’s going on – your self is involved.
When others respond to what you are doing – it’s never just what, but how.
While it’s important to know theory and method, it’s not enough – it’s necessary but not sufficient.
What comes out, comes out through you…
through your filters
through your self-esteem
through your fears
through your skills
through your needs
through your personal turmoil
through your presence.
Such an important and difficult accountability we take on…
to be well-honed
to be “in-shape” to practise the profession
to be the best we can be
to be a reflection of what’s out there without distortion
to be sensitive to adding value without having to be responsible for all
to be tolerant of such great variability

You are the instrument of change, and that means knowing who you are…
how you touch people
your special qualities
what “hooks” you
how others gain from you
how you communicate with others
your way of giving
what you value and what you value blindly
what brings out the worst in you
when you’re at your best
what you’re working on personally
the selves inside of you
the spaces that you occupy
how you’re influenced
when it’s fun and when it’s not
when you’re “on” and when you’re “off”
your need for structure and security
your repetitive patterns

Being an instrument of change is exciting, challenging, scary,
fulfilling, engaging, intense and rewarding.
Through our work we help others, and grow ourselves.
Because it’s through self-insight, feedback, stretching encounters, and humility
That we really learn how the instrument works and how it can be developed and used to make beautiful music!

— Dave Jamieson [Organisation Development Classics]


About lilac butterfly

Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. Write. Draw. Colour. Blend. Play. Dream. Cry. Reflect. Pray. Sing. Worship. Bake. Cook. Rest. Give thanks.

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