Falling Miracles

Snowflakes are the only Christmas ornament I can make. I first learnt how to cut them in Vancouver, 12 years ago. Started rather ungracefully; produced giant snowflakes with a few basic patterns, paper mostly still intact. Every year since, when it comes round to Christmas, I practise cutting snowflakes on at least one occasion – and have gone on to much smaller, intricate ones. I even bought a tiny pair of scissors just to make sure I could snip out the smallest folds…

Last year, I had the pleasure of doing so during an office Christmas party. It was with the mad fun crazy people who dream big and think far. I kinda taught my friends how to cut the snowflakes. Thrilled to see many of them taking to it immediately and even becoming anti-socially engrossed in producing their masterpieces. Being the creatives that they are, their experiments taught me a thing or two as well! 🙂

I love cutting and looking at snowflakes (paper ones as well as real ones – ooh, real ones… makes me think of the frost patterns on my Ottawa apartment windows…). Partly for their symmetry. Partly because they are unique – no two are identical (btw, shame on the mall decorators above! So few, yet they are similar…). Partly because they represent the pristine white of Christmas. Partly because they are metaphorical. Partly because for all their beauty, they are temporal.

Isn’t God amazing? Haven’t you ever wondered how He could come up with unique designs for snowflakes? Or why He even bothers – since no one can see the difference with naked eye anyway? Did He fail Econs 101 – ignoring economies of scale that come with a cookie-cutter approach to something so minute? Or wasting resources on something that won’t last? Why bother, really?!

Ah, make that the 19,826,700,551st question that one of us will ask Him (if it isn’t already in His FAQ list in our Welcome Home kit)…

Our funny God. Always a mystery.

Think He has too much splendour to spare. No, wait. He IS Splendour. So I guess it goes into everything He touches, everything He creates. Including us.

Maybe it makes Him laugh to see our amazement when we realise what He has done with the snowflakes. “And you thought you knew everything about Me already? Do you still insist on running your own life?”

Perhaps He’s just detail-oriented. Wants to be involved in every bit. The master craftsman. Grand Weaver. Ultimate Creative. Hmm. Applies to snowflakes, applies to our lives too.

Falling miracles. Each little one a bit of the glory of God. Each one a loving question from Him. Each one a promise of His firm grip of grace on our lives.

Pity we don’t get to go knee deep in pristine splendour, here in Singapore…


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Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. Write. Draw. Colour. Blend. Play. Dream. Cry. Reflect. Pray. Sing. Worship. Bake. Cook. Rest. Give thanks.

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