Mind Matters – VII

“Cartooning is not really drawing at all, but a complicated pictographic language intended to be read, not really seen.” – Chris Ware, The Whitney Prevaricator

Loved this bit of the preps.

Cartooning using a simple style, is such good fun!

Gems from Ivan Brunetti – not just technique, but his writing as well 🙂 Began from the cover:

… “Dedicated to all my students, past and present. Even the bad ones.”


… I do not mean to sound presumptuous, as I am far from figuring it all out myself. I never intended to teach any courses on anything, and I did not so much stumble into teaching as get wheedled into doing it (but I figured I could use the extra money to pay off my dentist). I was terrified of taking this plunge into the unknown, as I had no idea that I could even fake doing an adequate job of it, much less enjoy it. To my surprise, I really liked teaching; maybe I am just a frustrated ham, and it was a way of performing. But it also helped me sort out and codify some of my thoughts on this creative endeavour upon which I had wasted most of the evenings and weekends of my adult life. I should note that I have always held day jobs for sustenance, and I have yet, at age forty-three, to make a living as an artist… 

… The only tools absolutely required for this course are:


All else is vanity; however, most students invariably ask for additional guidance regarding specific tools. Here is a list of products that are pretty common among professional cartoonists. You certainly do not need to purchase these exact tools or brands, as you may use whatever you ultimately feel most comfortable with; moreover, you will likely go through a long period of trial and error before you find the tools most suitable to your temperament. Do not be discouraged; this is actually quite normal and, in fact, healthy. I often think that, were my arms to be cut off in some tragic accident, I would still feel compelled to scrape my gums against the sidewalk in order to create a comic strip with my own blood. What is most crucial is the desire, the need, to express oneself. The tools, or means, can be improvised from whatever is at one’s disposal. Consider the following a very rough, informal guide, and please excuse my extemporaneous and probably ill-informed commentary.



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