Mind Matters – VIII

Forum feels like a long time ago now – even though it happened only 5 days back! Guess it’s because much has happened since.


Emergency #1: Event day, 6.45am. Two of the three murals had fallen down over the weekend.

The duct tape wasn’t all that “shur” after all. On hindsight, it’s funny how we dissected the situation on the way to the venue, figuring out all the reasons why they fell. Paper weight? Moisture (or lack of) in the room? Length of tape? Grooves in the padded wall that broke the adhesiveness?…

Options for saving the situation were also funny. Shift them and attach at least one side to a wall (what if the paint comes off)? Use longer strips of tape? Transfer the murals to tables (can we get tables at this late stage)?… Slice the murals in half to reduce the weight?! NnNNnoOooOooo…

We went with using up all the duct tape first. Partly out of disillusionment “Just use it all up, Wendy. I’m not going to try and use this tape again anyway.” Partly because it was the best thing we had on hand while waiting. Also shifted the position of the murals slightly. [Afternote: they held up beautifully for the whole day – yay!]

Emergency #2: Turns out that one of the murals was blocking two emergency exit door panels.

JY: “Erm, they think you need to cut the mural in half where the 2 door panels meet.”

DY: “No!”

JY: “Yes, I’m afraid so.”

DY: “I can’t look. Wendy, you do it.”

K: “I’m really sorry… will this affect the drawings?”

LB: “No, don’t worry. The papers will still meet nicely, photographs should still be ok… Just need to do a firm clean cut, no hesitation, no gentleness. Don’t worry. I’ll do it. I’ve learnt to detach myself from the graphics once they’re prepared 🙂 Let’s go.”

* 30-second preps, and a 3-second surgery later *

LB: “Ok, you can look now. See, it’s not so bad…”

DY: “I guess.”


After that kind of start, the rest of the day @ Lady Hill Road went splendidly I must say. Gave me much food for thought, as well as waves of emotion.

“… thinks she has answered part of her life calling by drawing large purple clouds on conversation murals this morning, and a map of Singapore to pull together the group’s thoughts for the afternoon.”

Was it just the colour purple? Was it because they were clouds? Maybe it wasn’t all fluff, maybe there’s something there.

A fave ex-boss. Touched that he remembers. Ever an inspiration, he is still authentic, down to earth, personable. What a treasure! He had encouraging words for me – and a perspective I was not expecting. Both bonuses, since his very reaction to the writing on the wall was enough evidence for me.


Such a nice touch from the organisers to the group! And we got one each too. Batik-covered sketchbook, and Kisses.

Batik is thought to be derived from the Javanese word ‘ambatik’ which translated means ‘a cloth with little dots’. The suffix ‘tik’ means little dot, drop, point or to make dots. 

How apt. Encouraging to know, when life sometimes seems like a series of random dots and drops. Maybe it’s time to step back and connect the dots, and see what the storyline is shaping up to be.



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