A 23-year old score

Never cease to be amazed at how talented the people I know are!

Nightingale’s writing a song. Not any old song… a school anthem. Wow.

I think she’s so cool.

Looking at the lyrics she’s written made me think of my school songs.

I’ve only really been in 2 schools. There was a 0.1 school that I stayed in for 3 days, but got out of partly because I couldn’t stand the school anthem (hey, don’t judge me! We all make decisions differently…)

One of my 2 school songs fills me with nostalgia. Have fond memories of daring the swinging mike to drop off when I was “on”. On Fridays (was it Fridays?), we would do it as a group, in parts if I remember correctly. That was even better – you gained courage in numbers. Had to get used to my principals’ sombre faces at close range; when I realised their facial expressions were not proxies of the quality of our singing, things became a lot more fun πŸ™‚

My other school song evokes memories of a very different kind. A lot of… tenderness. Innocence. Simplicity. Those were the days when most of the teachers had been old girls/boys of the school, and in fact, even each other’s classmates at its old Neil Road premises! There was a deep sense of family, heritage and tradition that is becoming rarer today. But I also recognise that my experience of this school could Β just be mine – due to the classes I was in, the friendships I made, and the ECAs (goodness, they don’t call them that anymore, do they?) I was involved in.

Anyways. So Nightingale’s writing brought this second school’s songs to mind. In particular, I remembered the song that was written to celebrate the school’s 100th Anniversary. I was only 9 years old then! Searched the bomb shelter and actually managed to find the score :p

A precious piece of history, with enduring truths.

And I actually still remember how to sing it! LOL πŸ™‚


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  1. Carol

    Such beautiful music-esp if it evokes sweet memories of the good old days!

    Worth cherishing and sharing!!


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