T.C.S. – Mashups

With every successive module, I find a need for greater courage. Some of the things we’re talking about in class go pretty deep. Unlike the earlier course where we focused a lot on techniques, in this programme, we are examining ourselves a lot more.

Where we’ve come from.
Where we are centred.
What we believe in and will uphold.
Who we are – and being true to that.
What we do, and do well – as well as what we don’t.
What we are willing to not do.
Who we want to be – and if that is truly useful to anything/anyone apart from ourselves.

[Reminds me of the first time I read Parker Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation. Took forever to finish reading it, because I had so much to scribble down on the sides! Every time I go back to it, I relish the re-reading. Especially like his “Leading from Within” essay, where he confronts 5 shadows; and his “There is a Season” essay, where he examines the metaphors presented by each of the 4 seasons.]

Not that the class is therefore all philosophy and impractical talk. There’s plenty to do, and (at least for me) lots of useful anchors that are coming just in time. Assignments are not easy, but loads of fun and meaningful challenge. Some of these assignments, I suspect, will never be complete – because the questions they pose are questions to carry long after the programme is over.

Am not sure how I’m going to tackle the latest assignment yet. Quite a bit of self-examination, using a lens I’ve not considered before. Should be quite revelatory though 🙂

[Pic from Alphachimp University]



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