Ah, another dream revived.

Looking at this (PDF downloadexplanatory booklet) reminded me of a time when I went slightly nuts over card game design.

“Everything can be a card game!”

Almost 🙂

Remember co-designing one deck. Half the fun was in designing the deck, half the fun was in generating ways to play with the cards, half the fun in developing the game master’s guide… oh oops, they don’t add up to 1. Oh well, that’s what happens when you’re having fun I guess…

Also remember riding on an existing deck by Straits Knowledge and attempting to run a complex group OD design activity. Wonder if that’s still around in some form. If so, should be much-improved – we started from a messy, assumption-filled base, after all. But that’s experimentation at its best perhaps…

Am still fascinated by card game design (I read about them far more than I actually play them though). Throw in a gameboard, and the possibilities are endless!

One in the wings. Rather, carried over from last year. With an incredibly talented friend, PS.

Hope to pick up on that this year – once I get through the first quarter with a direction.



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