Seeing signs

Eye annual, always at the start of the year. Very glad to hear the cataracts have not progressed, are still very small. Clean retina too. Prof Yeoh is always pleasant to talk to.

It was macular degeneration 9, 10 (?) years ago that first brought me to the clinic. Due to a lupus flare that hit the optic nerve. Blacked out in one eye suddenly. Thankfully, we reached the hospital in time. Back then, we were hoping to recover 80-90% of my vision. Eventually, just about fully restored 🙂

So doing the eye annual always leaves me with mixed feelings.

Having eyes dilated for the checkup is quite an experience too. You don’t stop seeing, but you do see things a lot brighter and fuzzier. Glaring actually, especially outdoors. Shades help, but they are deceptively dangerous since you can then look at really bright things without realising the harm.

So, the best thing to do with dilated eyes is to just stop looking and listen instead. Open the eyes of one’s heart & mind more widely, as it were.

Milled around after the checkup, waiting for effects of dilation to wear off. Noticed that this part of the hospital has pretty good signs. I like this style – clean & bold, with a touch of fun & softness 🙂




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