Spring Day

1st stop: Auntie Jean’s yummy CNY cookies

2nd stop: Godma’s signature braised duck. I love how we get the best of Cantonese + Teochew cuisine (read: soups & braises)…

Sweetie & FM

Central attraction: Sweetie’s Happy. Let me explain why…

Q: How does one calm frisky, screaming, bouncing-off-the-walls nieces & nephews down?

A: Trick them.

[Following conversation in Mandarin, but it’s just much easier to write it down in English]

“Does he sleep?”

“Sure he does! But you see, we are all too noisy, he won’t be able to sleep. Ah, maybe if we all keep really quiet now, we’ll be able to see him fall asleep?”


“Yah, of course! Would you be able to sleep if many people were making noise around you and looking over your head with big round eyes??”



“Ok… hey, shut up! Keep quiet… he’s trying to sleep.”

(Next 20min in blissful silence, kids all voluntarily place fingers over their lips)

“Why is he still awake?”

“It’s not easy to fall asleep mah… do you always fall asleep the minute you go to bed?”


“Yah, I also don’t! I always take a long time to fall asleep!”

“There you go. So we must be patient. And continue to be quiet.”


(One of my cousins enters the room and begins talking loudly. Kids in unison:)


😀 … LOL!

(20min later)

“I see his eyes closing a bit!”

“Really?!” :-p

“But he’s still awake…”

Sweetie: “Maybe because we’re still looking at him…”

“Ok ok, let’s all put our hands over our eyes now!… Quick, do it!”



One of the moments when we remembered to take pictures of and with people :p

3rd stop: Back home – and a family shot.



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