A Timeless God who Recalculates

Whenever I begin to forget, God has stunning ways of reminding me that He is timeless. In the sense of “working across time” – time as we know it. He is absolutely not bound by it.

I subscribe to several daily email devotionals. They touch on different aspects of life – as I experience it. The devotionals are often timely in bringing a word of encouragement/comfort; or providing necessary rebuke, correction and no-nonsense, back-to-the-Bible instruction. Over the years, I’ve kept the devotionals that marked pivotal points in my journey, as a way of reminding myself of the victories of weakness, the immense grace I walk by, and/or hard lessons learnt.

One such devotional came on Friday – an old one that I still remember so well. Never mind that it was ‘recycled’ material – when it’s a good word, there can only be good in hearing it again and again!

Running with Plan B (RZIM)

I read it, and remembered that almost 2 years ago, I shared this “GPS” metaphor with two women I respect a lot – women who’ve risen above the great fires of their circumstances to be beacons for many many people, and continue to inspire others with their zest for life-giving organisational transformation work. Went back to the journal entry where I recorded our conversation. Still remember how one of them grinned upon hearing the metaphor and said, “Recalculate” in a GPS-worthy voice! And later on in our conversation:

“When you are really stayed in God, you cannot not do what He has told you to, to walk in the way that He has indicated you to.”

Two years on, I’ve learnt to appreciate this statement in much greater depth. I haven’t forgotten the events around the conversation we had (no, hardly!) – in fact, the events were the very reason we’d met up. I haven’t forgotten what those events led to, and what I subsequently saw, heard and lived. Those events led to where I am today. So I’m under no illusion – “God’s best” will often seem crazy, and is certainly no walk in the park. Doing what I sincerely believe He has instructed… where is that going to take me?  I only think I know, but I will always be surprised & humbled by His What, Where, How and Why. And have my understanding of “blessing” challenged and stretched.

Why do I say that I’m reminded of His timelessness?

Scripture reference ‘coincidences’, perhaps. Reading that old Plan B devotional again, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw Jeremiah 29:11 towards the end. Really?! – that verse had popped up from nowhere only on Thursday during a very special walk… And when I re-read that old journal entry with the recorded conversation, I realised that on that day, I’d also recorded in a very disjointed way, another devotional based on Hebrews 11:1. Really?! – that was the verse for our message in church just this morning…

It would be presumptuous to quickly make ‘wise conclusions’ about what God might be saying. As always, listening comes first. But I’m amused that a disjointed journal entry from 2010 has turned out to ‘sync’ rather well with a few closely-timed happenings this week in 2012. 🙂


God is ever at work redirecting your steps, while the end—God alone—remains the same. Despite broken roads and secondary paths, God is forever showing that the destination is unchanging, and in the end, “God’s best” comes into our lives not because of our own careful steps toward the divine but because of divine steps toward us. The God of the Christian is one whose plans are all-encompassing, whose arm is not too short to save, who goes the extra mile, and who takes every detour without mention, that even one will not remain lost.”


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