Loving Our King

There’s something quite special about a whole sanctuary full of women, worshipping God. It’s incredibly… beautiful.

Very blessed to have done that the last 2 evenings. In great company, studying a great book together. And having good laughs over our responses to some of the things mentioned, as well as lingering questions. My women friends are awesome characters 🙂

The woman hidden in God is…

Strong in her weakness.

Rested in her busyness.

Joyous in her trials.

Hopeful in her sadness.

Radiant in her darkness.

Contented in her desiring.

Simple in her complexities.

Fruitful in her apparent barrenness.

Centred in the midst of her wilderness.

Adorned but not vain.

Patient but not complacent.

Watchful but not anxious.

Humble but not self-deprecating.

Yielded but not passive or unthinking.

Is she a mystery? A walking paradox?

Of course. But why should that be surprising? The God she mirrors is paradoxical.



“You might as well buy four, since it’s going to take so much effort to wait for it!”

On hindsight, it’s funny how appropriate (in a way) the print on the beancurd container was, for the topic of our study the last 2 evenings :p


We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory (Dennis Jernigan)



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