Lent (VI) – No Mistakes

He who is holy, who is true, who has the key of David, who opens and no one will shut, and who shuts and no one opens… – Rev 3:7

God makes no mistakes.

It is in the darkest moment of consciousness that it comes to me, before I slip, exhausted, into unconsciousness, however thought-full.

And it comes to me again, in another dark moment of consciousness, but this time just before dawn.

What does it look, when God makes no mistakes?

Still going to have pain. Still going to cry. Still going to be disappointed. Still going to be puzzled. Still going to blog about dark moments of consciousness!


Believing that it’s going to be ok. You’re going to be ok. I’m going to be ok. Look forward to looking back in future and saying, “I see now…” and “Every time I think back on it, I see more and more blessing…”

Ok. So He’s got it. I can believe that. But…

I make mistakes! Tons of them.

I hope I make different mistakes each time, but sometimes I make the same ones.

Awful beyond description. How?

Reconciliation. As much as it depends on me. Should closure not come, a measure of grace to bear it surely will.

Repent. I think God is awesome. If I were Him, I’d have been burst an artery a long time ago from being frustrated with my silliness.

Release. Memories, impressions, expectations, bewilderment, lingering questions. Give/receive forgiveness, whichever is called for.

Reboot. Believe that no matter what has happened, it is not beyond God to set my feet on a level path again. (Isa 26:7, Jer 31:9, Heb 12:13)

Relax. The healing will take time. Only God knows how long, how hard, how cyclical. But the process is a necessary part of the journey. Don’t forget, there is a bigger story. A story best lived, one day at a time.


One Day At A Time

One day at a time, with its failures and fears,
With its hurts and mistakes, with its weakness and tears,
With its portion of pain and its burden of care;
One day at a time we must meet and must bear.

One day at a time to be patient and strong;
To be calm under trial and sweet under wrong;
Then its toiling shall pass and its sorrow shall cease;
It shall darken and die, and the night shall bring peace.

One day at a time – but the day is so long,
And the heart is not brave, and the soul is not strong,
O Thou pitiful Christ, be Thou near all the way;
Give courage and patience and strength for the day.

Swift cometh His answer, so clear and so sweet;
“Yea, I will be with thee, thy troubles to meet;
I will not forget thee, nor fail thee, nor grieve;
I will not forsake thee; I never will leave.”

Not yesterday’s load we are called on to bear,
Nor the morrow’s uncertain and shadowy care;
Why should we look forward or back with dismay?
Our needs, as our mercies, are but for the day.

One day at a time, and the day is His day;
He hath numbered its hours, though they haste or delay.
His grace is sufficient; we walk not alone;
As the day, so the strength that He giveth His own.

– Annie Johnson Flint


About lilac butterfly

Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. Write. Draw. Colour. Blend. Play. Dream. Cry. Reflect. Pray. Sing. Worship. Bake. Cook. Rest. Give thanks.

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