It was SP actually. She wanted to sign up for Fashion Design, and asked CC and I if we’d like to sign up for any classes. I took a long long while to get to her email. When I finally did, the Children’s Books Illustration one caught my eye. Hey, that’s quite in line with Express #2, isn’t it? … Hmm… so… why not???

Quite a heavy commitment – 3 full hours on a Thursday evening, but I signed up anyway.

1st class was fun 🙂

Missed the first part – was quite late in getting there, and walked right past the darkened classroom with the sign “Junior Art Class”. Oh well. Plonked myself down beside WY and her friend AS. Didn’t get much time to introduce ourselves before rolling up our sleeves and diving into drawing.

Not sure we knew what we were doing. PY was demo-ing so fast on the whiteboard, it was impossible to watch him and practise in our books at the same time! I gave up trying to catch up after a while, and just practised the ones I thought I might eventually adopt as part of my style. WY was a better student though – she tried really hard to follow PY, and exclaimed in mock frustration a few times, “I just can’t get the hands right – mine look so retard lah!”


After the demos + practice, PY decided it was time for us to sketch and then watercolour. Really?! After just 45min of drawing animals and people – do one full picture of our own? Gulp. Ok… …

He showed us how, and it was enchanting to watch. His hand never left the paper – the figures just ‘appeared’ and became flushed with colour. 10min flat. Wow.

I’ve learnt from chalk pastel class last year to just let me be me when it comes to a blank canvas. Whatever happens, is the right thing. And it was exactly the same thing for this class. One thought, one stroke, then the next, and the next… It’s a start 🙂


It’s funny how, once you’re sensitized to something, you begin to see it everywhere. We stopped a couple of times during the walk back to the MRT station to take pictures of interesting drawings we saw on posters, buildings, windows along the way – of faces, different kinds of eyes, body shapes etc. AS said, “Well, with any luck, we might get to the station before 10.30pm,  yah?” LOL.



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