Carpenter’s Pencil

Encouraged. Honesty – “I don’t know, at this point”. That is both unnerving and exciting, no?

If only we knew – the questioning would stop, we would go about the time between with ease of mind, and when it came to that time, we would make the decision that we already knew we would.

But is that how it really happens?

I don’t know.

If we did know, ahead of time – would that foreknowledge necessarily bring us ease of mind? What if the radicalness of that knowledge/choice is so unfamiliar to us now, that the time between would still be laced with anxiety, albeit of a different kind from that of ‘not knowing’?

So ‘not knowing’ is, in a way, exciting and a blessing. There are possibilities. There are factors we don’t know about yet. There are people who haven’t appeared in our lives yet. There are critical events that have yet to occur. There are new perspectives and priorities we have yet to embrace. There are sources of counsel we may not be ready to heed, just yet.

When it comes to that time…

… may the decisions we make be guided by what matters to us, and allow our lives to speak. And may we look back and find the path dotted with the difficult but necessary questions we asked, with the love and support of the people God provided us.

“Knowing what you don’t want to do, is as precious as finding out what you do want to do.”


Encouraged. A different kind of ‘not knowing’. There are very good reasons for the suddenness of some things, and delays in others. After all, we do not live unto ourselves. Who knows if the ‘interruptions’ or ‘slowness’ we experience are God’s answers to that prayer – “Make me a blessing, O Lord“?

The decisions of today would not be possible without the dots of yesterday. Seen another way, God’s providence-plans are made for “in the moment” as much as they are designed for “long runways”. Sometimes, we tread a path long before we realise we are on it. This too, is God’s sovereignty and all-sufficient grace & love.


Carpenter’s Pencil. I need to get used to it. Spent 20 energetic minutes ‘sharpening’ it. Later realised I took away as much as lead as wood :p Maybe when I’m desperate, I’ll just chew it down :p

There’s clearly a better tool for this than a penknife.

There’s clearly a better technique than the one I applied.

I guess I should ask the Carpenter.



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